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Are you sick of going from doctor to doctor with no real solutions other than perhaps to take a pill? Of five second office visits (after an hour long wait) that consist of information you could have found on WebMd?

I’ve Been There

A few years ago, I started experiencing unexplained seizures. My neurologist was convinced that I didn’t have epilepsy. That my seizures were caused by heart murmurs.

That sounded great to me. Anything to avoid association with the dreaded “E.” It also meant that I could still drive.

I saw a cardiologist and had a normal EKG, but the cardiologist refused to give me the heart rate monitor that the neurologist had recommended, saying it was unnecessary. This began a sort of tug-of-war between the two doctors.

Meanwhile, my seizures started becoming more frequent. Before, I had felt like I had them under control, but now I realized I couldn’t be in denial any longer. I also realized that I needed a new neurologist.

Unfortunately, the next neurologist was even less helpful.

Or maybe “unfortunately” is the wrong word. You see, I believe everything works out the way it’s supposed to in the end.

The Health Research Rabbit Hole

My frustration of not getting answers led me down a rabbit hole that began with WebMd and spiraled into Reddit forums and alternative health websites. I’m sure you can relate.

This quest for information to stop my seizures took me on all sorts of fascinating paths. I learned:

  • the link between gut health and brain health (maybe my string of fungal infections weren’t a coincidence)
  • the value of meditating and journaling as a means of releasing pent-up emotions
  • the hidden neurotoxins in beauty products, shampoo, and more

As Tony Robbins says, sometimes the worst day of your life can end up being the best day. This can also apply to my seizures. They were my body’s way of signaling to me that something needed to change, that I had something inside of me that needed to get out. They ignited my passion in learning more about the mind/body connection and alternative health.

Now I want to help you jumpstart your own journey of healing.

My Mission

Yes, I’m of those nuts who spends hours of research before saying yes to a medical procedure. This process is both enlightening and aggravating. I know just how hard it can be to find trustworthy information online.

This is because most websites either have an agenda (i.e. to book an appointment with them) OR they’re just rehashing information from other sources and not speaking from experience.

Now, I’m?not a medical professional and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. However, this is precisely why you can trust that when I tell you something, it is not to pitch my services. What I AM offering is my authentic experience (coupled with research) and what I learned from that experience.

Here are just a few of the topics I will be covering:

  • brain health
  • non-toxic products
  • gut health
  • nutrition (currently a vegetarian and I’ve dabbled in veganism, raw, paleo diets)
  • weight loss
  • natural remedies
  • alternative medicine (homeopathy, hypnotherapy, etc.)
  • women’s health (contraception, vaginal health, etc.)
  • insomnia

Believe me, I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg on many of these topics and I’m looking forward to uncovering more layers with you! I’ll also be a human guinea pig of sorts, testing out new remedies and products for your benefit.

One last thing: I don’t mean to say that conventional doctors/medicine/healthcare is all bad.

I’ve since found a neurologist I’m very happy with. I’m also happy to report that, combining her guidance with all the tools that I write about on this site, I have been seizure free going on six months now.

All I’m saying is,?educate yourself. If you’re not getting the answers you need in the traditional healthcare system, it’s time to look elsewhere.

I’d love to know about your health journey. What answers are you still looking for?

Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email: kate@katef2.sg-host.com.

All the best,



Born and raised in a tiny town on the Texas coast, Kate Findley has always wanted to live in a big city and naturally moved to Los Angeles at the first opportunity. Her hobbies include tennis, hiking, and dancing. Ever since being diagnosed with epilepsy and not getting satisfying answers from doctors, Kate has taken matters into her own hands and conducted her own research. Full Body Flourishing combines her passions in natural health, non-toxic products, and exploring the mind/body connection.

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